Gianna Ewart

Senior Stylist


Gianna enjoyed growing up in Bucks County and still resides here with her husband, 3 daughters and 2 dogs. Staying close to the community was important to her because of her amazing childhood experiences.  

While earning her Bachelor's Degree at Penn State, she realized her passion for the beauty industry and would style anybody’s hair in college. This drive led her to earn her Degree in cosmetology. Gianna has  been involved in the hair industry for over 15 years starting her career at Pierre and Carlo; studying under Laurentuis Purnama; and learning some of the most innovative hair techniques. She then worked at Natalie and Company where she really perfected her talent. The Blue Lotus is home to Gianna as it’s a salon that has a positive vibe and the team feels like family. Gianna's ability to develop personal relationships with her clients is what makes her unique- she truly wants every client that sits in her chair to feel comfortable so they leave feeling beautiful not only on the outside but also within. She loves transforming new color creations and cuts that complement each other. One of her favorite things is educating clients on how to embrace their natural texture, and teaching her clients how to take care of their hair so they always feel salon fresh!


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